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Regulations for reviewing article manuscripts, entering the Editorial Staff of the All-Russian Scientific and Technical Journal "Polyot"("Flight")

1.​ Renowned specialists in aeronautics, rocketry and cosmonautics, including members of the Editorial Board, take part in reviewing manuscripts submitted for publication in the All-Russian Scientific and Technical Journal «Polyot».

2. In his review of the manuscript, the reviewer must:

– to determine the compliance of the article to the journal line;

– to note the scientific level and novelty (originality ) of results submitted for the publication, their practical importance;

– to note strengths and weaknesses in content and form of presentation material;

– to give specific recommendations on the revision or reduction of the content the article, if any;

– to give an overall assessment of the referee (the expediency or inexpediency of its publication in the journal).

3.​ The review in hard copy (two copies) submitted to the Editor log in to the deadlines set by the Editorial Staff.

4. The admission to the Editorial Board of the journal of positive (or negative) review of this article it met one of the members of the Editorial Board – expert in the relevant field, Chief Editor or his Deputy and decides on the possibility of its publication. He (she) presents this article accompanied by a review at a meeting of the Editorial Board, which decides on their publication or rejection.

5. Further work with the manuscript accepted to the publication comes true by the vehicle of release in accordance with the technological process of issue preparation.

6.​ Reviews on the article, both positive and negative, are directed to the authors of the article for an acquaintance. Anonymity of reviewers is guaranteed by the Editorial Staff.

7. Manuscripts subject to the revision are directed by the Editorial Staff to the authors together with text of review, containing concrete recommendations on the revision of the article. Authorship of review does not open up.

8. The article manuscript submitted after revision (if necessary), together with the answer of the authors is sent to the reviewer for acquaintance and additional review. The reviewer presents to the Editor (in specified time) the repeated review, on the basis of which a decision is made on article admission for publication in the journal or deviation.

9.​ The Editorial Staff sends to authors of rejected articles a notice with brief reasons for the deviation, for example: «The article does not meet the line of the journal».

10. When prompted, the review is sent by the Editorial Staff to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

11. Reviews are kept in the archive of the Editorial Office for at least five years.

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