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Published since August 1998. The journal is issued monthly

The journal is registered in the State Committee of the Russian Federation on the press.

Certificate of registration No. 017751 from 23.06.98.

Founder: LLC "Mashinostroenie-Polet"




Scientific-Technical Journal

"Polyot" ("Flight")


Journal of Russian Academy of Cosmonautics

named affer K.E. Tsiolkovsky

and Academy of Aviation and Aeronautics Sciences

Addressed to scientists and engineers of research institutes, design bureaus, enterprises and organizations of aviation, space industry, specialists of the armed forces, students of senior courses of universities.

The journal is in the list of editions, authorized by

the Supreme Certification Committee of the Russian Federation to

publish the works of those applying for a scientific degree #1912,

and also in the list of Russian Science Citation Index (SCI)
on the Web of Science platform.


Post-graduates have not to pay for the publication of articles.