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CONTENTS #10 (October) 2019

GLONASS Вevelopment Сoncept (p. 7 – 20)

S.N. Karutin, S.A. Panov, A.I. Bolkunov, I.V. Mozharov, S.A. Kaplev, E.I. Ignatovich, V.I. Yaremchuk

Advanced user requirements analysis is conducted and various GLONASS development concepts are presented. Multi-criteria methodology for various navigation systems development concepts comparative analysis is proposed. Basing on results of conducted analysis final national navigation system development concept is formed.

Keywords: GLONASS; concept; accuracy; availability; coverage zone.



Calculation and Experimental Method for Assessment the Basic Data of Aircraft Gas Turbine Engines for Military Purposes (p. 21 – 27)

B.P. Koren

The state of the issue of deterioration obtained in the process of testing, the values of the main parameters of aircraft gas turbine engines due to wear of their parts and components as the resource is developed. A computational and experimental method for determining the degree of deterioration of the values of the main parameters is presented and a new order of work is proposed to take this phenomenon into account at the stages of engine development and operation.

Keywords: testing of aircraft gas turbine engines; thrust; specific fuel consumption; deterioration of basic data; method of evaluation of basic data; mathematical model.



Development and Diversification of the Subsonic Airplane’s Technologies of the Integrated Scheme with the Triangular Wing. Part 2
(p. 28 – 39)

A.V. Bondarev, S.S. Vasin, V.G. Kagan, S.A. Kuzin, V.F. Samokhin, E.B. Skvortsov, O.V. Sonin, M.N. Chanov

The conception of the multipurpose subsonic airplane of the integrated scheme with the triangular wing proved the best solution of a number of modern tasks. Technologies which lie in a basis of this conception allow to expand a range of functional features, such as increasing of subsonic flight speed, reducing of influence on environment etc. The developed technologies allow to reach fundamentally higher level of consumer properties in civil airplanes projects of the future. The following publication is an extension to the article in a previous edition.

Keywords: diversification of technologies; integrated scheme; triangular wing.



Comparative Assessment of Radius of Action of Jet Planes with Various Ways of Ensuring Short Takeoff and Landing (p. 40 – 51)

A.L. Reyngold

The issues of assessment of the radius of action of jet planes with various methods of ensuring a short takeoff / landing are considered. A comparison technique is proposed. The influence of means of improving the takeoff and landing characteristics on the radius of action is shown.

Keywords: short takeoff; vertical landing; radius of action; target load; springboard; catapult.



Soviet Lunar Station Luna 2: to the Anniversary of the Flight (p. 52 – 57)

M.Ya. Marov

The article is dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the successful landing of the Luna-2 space station. The stages of preparation for the launch are reflected, the description of the space station, the course of the flight and its historical significance are given.

Keywords: flights to the Moon; Luna-2 spacecraft; hard landing; flight trajectory; direct hit.



They Were Standing at Russian Aviation Industry. N.A. Fomin (p. 58 – 62)

N.K. Liseitsev

Is devoted to N.A. Fomins memory – gifted aircraft designer and scientist. Its contribution in development of russian aviation industry and aircraft design science.

Keywords: aviation industry; scientific foundation; design; analitical methods; structural design; scientific school.



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