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CONTENTS #9 (September) 2018

Career of academician V.P. Glushko.
To the 110th anniversary of the birth
(p. 3 – 12)

V.K. Chvanov, I.A. Arbuzov, V.S. Sudakov, V.F. Rakhmanin



Influence of Geometric Parameters of the Composite Wing on its Aerodynamic Performance (p. 13 – 17)

A.V. Boldyrev, A.V. Kondryakova, D.V. Nazarov, S.E. Selivanov

A method for choosing rational geometric parameters of a composite wing by the example of a wing of an atmospheric pseudosatellite, performed in accordance with the aerodynamic «flying wing» scheme is proposed. Used a composite wing with a central part of the circle planform and rectangular outer wings. The results of the investigation of the influence of the ratio of the areas of the elements of the composite wing on its aerodynamic characteristics are presented.

Keywords: atmospheric pseudosatellite; composite wing; circular wing; outer wings; aerodynamic performance.



Promising Safety Measures for Helicopter Crew During Emergency Landing (p. 18 – 22)

E.A. Seleznev

The article is devoted to a highly relevant issue of helicopter crews during emergency landing. It describes the crashworthy process using the example of Mi-28 helicopter and presents a dual-mass model of “person–seat” system.

Keywords: emergency landing; crashworthy system; energy absorbing seat.



Rational Ballistic Construction of a Space Radar Surveillance System (p. 23 – 29)

K.A. Zanin, I.V. Moskatinev

The influence of the orbit height on the main design parameters of a spacecraft with a synthetic aperture radar is analyzed. The possibility of improving the characteristics of the space radar surveillance system by increasing the altitude of the orbit, taking into account the limitations on the power supply system of the spacecraft, is shown.

Keywords: synthetic aperture radar; radiated power; frequency of surveillance; ballistic construction; band; performance; power systems power supply.



Substantiation of Two-Channel Structure of Automatic Tracking System (p. 30 – 37)

V.V. Sheval, N.B. Rozhnin

Methods for linearization the equations of the flight of a quadrocopter in one plane in the tasks of tracking of the moving objects with onboard optical devices are proposed. The two-channel structure that forming work of these control systems as a whole and providing increase in dynamic accuracy is substantiated.

Keywords: methods of linearization; automatic tracking; quadrocopter; multichannel structures of the servosystems; dynamic accuracy.



A Hundred Years of High Flying (p. 38 – 45)

P.L. Budagov

The focuses on the centenary celebration of the joint stock company «Ryazan State Instrument-Making Enterprise» (JSCo «RSIE»), a member of JSC «KRET». The enterprise takes the lead in the field of development and manufacture of complicated special and civil purpose radio electronics.



Specific Features of Employing Liquid Hydrogen Purifying Materials in Support of Experimental Development of Space Rocket Propulsion System (p. 46 – 53)

V.N. Kuchkin, B.Kh. Bogdanov, S.D. Vityazev

This is the final paper in a series of papers dealing with the quality of liquid hydrogen contained in test facility and launch complex pipeline systems involved in the experimental development and operation of liquid propellant rocket propulsion systems. Based on many years’ experience the authors are reviewing specific features of liquid hydrogen purifying methods and materials employed in test facility and launch complex pipeline systems designed for space-rocket industry.

Keywords: liquid hydrogen; purification; filtration; adsorption.



Vibration Isolator with Controllable Elements
(p. 54 – 62)

A.B. Korchagin

The vibration isolator with controllable elements is described. It is shown that the processes of energy dissipation when using the pneumatic elastic-damping element together with the magnetorheological damping element of the model of the controlled vibration isolator occur alternately and without mutual interference. A quantitative estimation of the effectiveness of the vibration isolator is given.

Keywords: vibration isolator; pneumatic spring-damping element; magnetorheological damper; rocket and space industry.



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