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CONTENTS #3 (March) 2019

The Founder of Soviet Ground-Based Rocket and Space Infrastructure (p. 3 – 12)

I.V. Barmin, V.N. Neustroev

The article is dedicated to the 110th anniversary of the birth of Academician Vladimir Pavlovich Barmin – General Designer of the ground-based rocket and space infrastructure for launch complexes, technical complexes, filling stations etc.

Keywords: rlaunch complex; technical complex; mine launcher; rocket and space infrastructure.



GLONASS Legal and Regulatory Framework Issues (p. 13 – 31)

K.I. Reytor, A.I. Bolkunov

Is devoted to GLONASS legal and regulatory framework issues. It’s a first article in planned series devoted to legal and regulatory framework of GLONASS system and its applications.

Keywords: legal and regulatory framework; GLONASS; GLONASS applications.



The Creation of Domestic Passenger Airplanes Based on Related Military Airplanes (p. 32 – 49)

D.M. Galperin

There is domestic experience about creation of civil air fleet based on scientific and technical, scientific and productions interactions with creation of combat aircraft far and intercontinental aviation. Marked importance of use foreign experience based on licensing basis and so on decisions the leaders of USSR. The main role in the solved problem belongs to aircraft-building developmental collectives leading by A.N. Tupolev, V.M. Myasishcev and engine-building developmental collectives leading by A.D. Schvetsov, A.A. Mikulin, P.F. Zubets, N.D. Kyznetsov.

Keywords: bomber-rake; military transport aircraft; passenger aircraft; piston engine; turbojet engine; turboprop engine.



Air-Transport Horizons of Airships (p. 50 – 58)

S.V. Bendin

The growing demand for innovative airship projects is linked both the pursuit by business to increase its profitability due to the presence of the Archimede’s buoyant force in principle of the aerostatic transport, and the enormous need to expand both the service capabilities and the throughput for the modern air transport infrastructure.

A number of the domestic airships iconic anniversaries in 2019 year is convenient reason to talk about the importance of aeronautical transport systems for present and tomorrow Russia.

Keywords: airship; aeroplatform; dirigible manufacturing; SSSR-V6 «Osoaviakhim»; innovative aerostatic systems; Dirizhablestroi; Umberto Nobile.



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