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CONTENTS #1 (January) 2017

Features Centrifugal Frameless Space Structures (pp. 3 – 11)

G.G. Raikunov, V.A. Komkov, V.M. Melnikov, L.A. Nevchesnuk, B.N. Harlov

This article discusses the prospects for use of centrifugal frameless designs for solar-energy and information systems based on fiber lasers spacecraft. Estimates of weight and dimensions and characteristics of the model features, showing the direction of greater efficiency of magnitude compared with the framework counterparts.

Keywords: frameless large space structures; power plants; fiber lasers; solar pump.



Evaluation Of The Effectiveness Perspective Engines For Civil Aircrafts Of The Next Generation

(pp. 12 – 17)

A.V. Lukovnikov, A.I. Lanshin, A.S. Polev, A.A. Evstigneev, A.V. Niskorodnov, A.M. Isyanov, O.P. Minin,
      Ye.N. Podoprosvetov

This article describes the research results of various concepts of power units for future short- and medium ranges passenger aircrafts of 2025—2030 level. It have been considered power units based on the next generation turbofan and propfan jet engines with increased cycle parameters in comparison with the engines of the 5th generation. It has been made comparative evaluation of effectiveness flight performances of two class aircrafts with these engine schemes for different ranges and passenger capacities.

Keywords: civil aircraft; propulsion unit; turbofan jet engine; propfan jet engine; engine with open rotor; fuel efficiency.



Theoretical And Methodological Approaches To Quantify The Level For Commercialization Of GLONASS Technologies

(pp. 18 – 21)

V.S. Dosikov

The author's vision applied to theoretical and methodological approaches to quantify the level for commercialization of GLONASS technologie is devoted.

Keywords: global navigation satellite systems; commercialization; technologies of coordinate-time and navigation support; theoretical and methodological approaches.



A Check Of The Meyer — Landau Flow Parameters Of Vortex Mechanics Alternating Environments

(pp. 22 – 29)

A.G. Prudnikov, A.M. Podvalnyy

An example is given of the solution of the inverse problem: the identification of parameters of the dotted underlayer (between the large vortexes inside the boundary layer of the Meyer — Landau flow in the long thin tube) from experimental measurements of the flow [1—3].

Keywords: vortex mechanics; Meyer — Landau flow; large vortex; boundary layer; long thin tube.



The Investigation Of Nonlinear Deformation And Stability Of Composite Aircraft Fuselage Compartment With An Internal Pressure (pp. 30 – 35)

V.K. Belov, L.P. Zheleznov, T.S. Ognyanova

The research results obtained on the basis of the authors’ developed computational procedure, which realizing finite element method for solving problems of the strength and stability of discretely reinforcement composite noncircular cylindrical shells based on the torque and the nonlinearity of the subcritical stress-strain state. The stability by aircraft composite fuselage compartment with an internal pressure was investigated. The effect of non-linearity deformation, stiffness stringer set, the shell thickness on the critical buckling load shell revealed.

Keywords: noncircular cylindrical composite shells; discrete reinforcement; nonlinear deformation; stability; finite element method.



Diagnostics As A Precondition For High Operational Readiness Of Tactical Missile (pp. 36 – 40)

K.G. Bomstein, A.I. Daneko

The analytical overview of the status in the field of diagnostics and prognostics as a precondition for combat readiness of foreign aviation tactical weapons, based on the results of the use of modern systems of monitoring and modeling of complex military systems.

Keywords: diagnostics and prognostics; system under test; Bayesian networks models; probabilistic assessment of reliability engineering products; remote diagnostics.



Mathematical Model Of Innovative Intentions Assessment (pp. 41 – 46)

A.D. Tsesarsky, S.G. Falko, Yu.G. Timofeeva

The advantage of using of quantitative methods for the assessment of innovativeness is shows. The mathematical model of innovative intentions assessment is given. Calculation of the five values of the thresholds on its basis is shown.

Keywords: assessment; innovation intention; innovation; project; innovativeness.



Flow Operating Parameters Self-Oscillations In Feed Systems Incorporating Check Valves (pp. 47 – 54)

V.N. Kuchkin.

Presents the deduction of an equation for check valve gate self-oscillations and thereby caused self-oscillations of flow operating parameters in feed systems incorporating a check valve. The equations for calculating the oscillation self-excitation conditions and amplitudes of steady-state self-oscillations of flow parameters and their frequencies have been derived. A qualitative comparison of solutions to the self-oscillation equation with the results of the experimental studies is provided.

Keywords: working fluid feed systems; check valve; relief valve; self-oscillations; oscillating circuit; source of oscillating energy; feedback; pulse direction; oscillation phase; instantaneous power increment.



Dynamic Programming Algorithm For Image Processing Sequence With The Orthogonal Shooting At Low-Flying Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (pp. 55 – 59)

S.V. Petukhov, Yu.V. Shved, V.М. Ivanyugin

The pair of overlapping image processing and analysis algorithm using the original version of the famous dynamic programming method and the statistical basis of the decision. The problem of matching the pointwise stereo pair images as search task list optimum coating characteristics found in a single image with a similar list for the second image. The structure allows parallelized algorithm for calculating the respective rows and a recursive procedure can be implemented in real time. The result is significantly increased efficiency of the algorithm for tracking the height of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) flight.

Keywords: computer vision; image processing; matching problem; dynamic programming; vision of robots in real-time; autonomous navigation; unmanned aerial vehicle.



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