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CONTENTS #4 (April) 2018

Panoramic Optical Surveillance Drones (p. 3 – 8)

A.P. Manin, V.V. Vasiliev, R.V. Djugan, V.L. Sokoluk, A.I. Fokin

Features of construction of optical means of detection, identification and estimation of trajectory of movement of UAV are considered. Define the properties for your panoramic digital optical theodolites and mathematical model for calculating the spatial position of the optical axis of the lens and the orientation of light-sensitive digital sensors.

Keywords: panoramic theodolite; digital matrix; optical axis; measurement; image; reliability; unmanned aerial vehicle.



A Mathematical Model Of The Motion Of An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle In A Dual Quaternions (p. 9 – 20)

S.A. Akhramovich, V.V. Malyshev, A.V. Starkov

Сonsider dynamic and kinematic models of the rotational and translational motion of a UAV in a dual quaternion. The lemma on the representation of the classical dynamic equations of motion of a UAV in a dual quaternion form is proved. To confirm the obtained mathematical model, a mathematical simulation of the flight of a small UAV was carried out.

Keywords: UAV; paraglider; parachute; quaternion; dual quaternion; dual numbers; mathematical model.



Flying Сosmodrome For Touristic Reusable Aerospace System (p. 21 – 29)

A.T. Таrasov, S.V. Petukhov, R.A. Latyshov

Сonsider the problem of using heavy transport aircrafts the first stage of the touristic aerospace reusable systems. The presented project is stored multipurpose aerospace system, as the first stage uses heavy transport aircraft IL-96Т. An innovative project relates in a new direction in the development of aerospace systems.

Keywords: reusаble aerospace system; multipurpose aerospace system; space tourism; flying cosmodrom; air start.



Dynamic Analysis Of Transformable Structures Expanding During Testing (p. 30 – 38)

V.V. Gorovtsov, A.V. Zhiryakov, P.P. Telepnev, Yu.A. Petrov, A.S. Bernikov, V.P. Makarov

Dynamic analysis of folded deployment of transformable structures in the process of testing is dedicated. The dynamic model in relation to the test conditions is developed. The kinematic parameters for comparison of test results with the results of the mechanism deployment in real conditions are determined. Calculations are performed for different friction in the joints, taking into account angularposition of the apparatuswhen landing on a bent; methods for selection of disinflation system are recommended.

Keywords: disinflation system; testing; mechanism section; rotary unit; coefficient of dry friction; rubber wisp; angular velocity.



Formation Of The Structure Of The Airboard System Escorts At Flat Representation Of Flight (p. 39 – 45)

V.V. Sheval, N.B. Rozhnin

The ways of formation of the dynamics equations for the blocks of the structure of the automatic escort system of the optical type located on the board of the quadrocopterat decomposition of a spatial problem of escort on two flat are considered. The method of structural correction of the automatic escort system is proposed.

Keywords: automatic support; quadcopter; decomposition; correction of structure; dynamic accuracy.



The System Of Exciter Clock Pulse-Generator Of Automation Of Facility Check Of Aircraft (p. 46 – 50)

G.P. Shibanov

At paper to examine of especially exciter systems of clock pulse-generator of automation check facility of aircraft. Valuing of effectiveness of exciter systems.

Lead to correct formulas of calculations grade, exciter strength and coefficient efficiency of exciter systems.

Keywords: clock pulse-generator; automation of facility check; aircraft; system of exciter.



Applications Of A System Approach For A Satellite Formation Flying Control (p. 51 – 57)

М.V. Palkin, А.N. Lavrenov

A problem of a comprehensive approach for a formation flying satellites lifecycle control system design is analysed. As an example a concept of a multysatellite «space advertisement» formation control system is provided.

Keywords: formation flying satellites; comprehensive approach; control system; satellite; space advertisement.



About The Development Of Theoretical Provisions During Organization Of Manufacture Of Parallel Engineering Of Gas Turbine Engines (p. 58 – 62)

V.F. Bezhyazichniy, E.V. Rastegaev

The article describes about advantages of parallel engineering development of products, in particular gas turbine engines, and technology of their production. Directions of joint work of the designer and technologist during production of products are offered.

Keywords: design; technology; concurrent engineering.



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